Hi Year 6 Learners!

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Here are some amazing learning links to support and extend what we are learning in class.


This half term we have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. The link below will give you extra practice. 

Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000


We have been studying the human body and how our circulatory system works. Use the links below to create a poster on how to keep a healthy circulatory system; write a short narrative as though you are a cell of oxygen and draw a basic circulatory system ensuring you understand the role of the blood vessels.



English Resources

Grammar Games 

Thesaurus - Don't forget to keep checking a thesaurus for EXQUISITE words to up-level our writing

Dictionary - Not sure of the meaning of a word? Look it up with this link.

Maths Resources

Login to Times Tables Rockstar here!

Times Table grid

Place Value

Maths Frame - Online games

Maths Zone - Online games 

Nrich Maths - Maths activities 


Code.org - Continue on app lab and explore hours of code 

General Resources

BBC Bitesize- English, Maths and Science for Key Stage 2

Top Marks - Online games for Maths and English 

Primary Games arena - All subjects 

Twinkl - Free access at the moment with a special school closure pack for year 6