Hi Year 6 Learners!

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Here are some amazing learning links to support and extend what we are learning in class.

Ancient Greek Topic - Summer 2


This half term we have been revising area and perimeter. I have attached a project for you to complete at home. You are to design your own Ancient Greek Olympics.


This half term we have been looking at the Ancient Greeks. I have attached a mini project for you to complete at home.


We have been studying the human body and how our circulatory system works. Use the links below to create a poster on how to keep a healthy circulatory system; write a short narrative as though you are a cell of oxygen and draw a basic circulatory system ensuring you understand the role of the blood vessels.



English Resources

Grammar Games 

Thesaurus - Don't forget to keep checking a thesaurus for EXQUISITE words to up-level our writing

Dictionary - Not sure of the meaning of a word? Look it up with this link.

Maths Resources

Login to Times Tables Rockstar here!

Times Table grid

Place Value

Maths Frame - Online games

Maths Zone - Online games 

Nrich Maths - Maths activities 


Code.org - Continue on app lab and explore hours of code 

General Resources

BBC Bitesize- English, Maths and Science for Key Stage 2

Top Marks - Online games for Maths and English 

Primary Games arena - All subjects 

Twinkl - Free access at the moment with a special school closure pack for year 6