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This term our topic is Ready Steady Cook!

CBBC Newsround


Where Does Bread Come From?

Grain Chain Presentation - click here 

Bread Making


Where Does Cheese Come From?

Research 1

Research 2

Research 3

Research 4

Where Does Milk Come From?

On the school network go to Student Resources/Year 5/Food and view the PowerPoints about where milk comes from.


http://www.ducksters.com/ - lots of new things to explore


Inspiring videos about coding

Lesson 31st October 2017 - choose Minecraft Adventurer

Hour of Code (so many to choose from)


Sketchup (free download - ask an adult first) - you can create amazing things with this!


Online Thesaurus - Don't forget to keep checking a thesaurus for EXQUISITE words to up-level our writing

Online Dictionary - Not sure of the meaning of a word? Look it up with this link.

Don't forget Bug Club to improve your reading skills


Bubble Multiples

Number Patterns - Snowflake Sequences

Multiple Frenzy

Finding multiples

Place value

Hit the button maths skills

Times Tables Grid (with/without timer)

Science -

Life Cycles