Welcome to Year 4 

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Hello Year 4 learners!

There are some fantastic activities on BBC Bitesize to help you with learning about lots of different things.  Keep checking back on that site for daily learning activities.

Here are some other Summer Term 2020 ideas for you to keep you busy and help feed your curiousity!


Find out about the stories:

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and

James and the Giant Peach  by Roald Dahl

If you can get hold of, and read, these books it would be fantastic.  If you can't then just find out as much as you can about these stories and the authors.


Online Thesaurus - Don't forget to keep checking a thesaurus for EXQUISITE words to up-level your writing

Online Dictionary - Not sure of the meaning of a word? Look it up with this link.

Spellzone- Year 4 list

If you are lost for something to do, Click Here

Find your new spellings for this term here

Science - States of Matter, The Water Cycle, Healthy Humans

Find out about as much as you can about:

solids, liquids and gases:  click here to start

the water cycle:  click here to start

healthy humans: 

click here to start learning about our digestive system

click here to start learning about human teeth  plus do some research of your own - what can you find out about our teeth?

click here to find out about food chains

You can draw, write or produce a Powerpoint presentation to show what you've learned.


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Here are some amazing learning links to support and extend what we are learning in class.

Explore and enjoy!

Place value

Hit the button maths skills

Finding multiples

Times Tables Grid (with/without timer)

Telling the Time Online Activities

NRICH Problem Solving Activities

Design Technology

use BBCBitesize (and other online resources if you can) to find out about healthy living and healthy eating.

Keep a food diary for 3 days 

What does it mean to be healthy?

How can we make sure we are making healthy choices?