Welcome to Year 3 

Hello, Year-3 learners!

Here are some amazing learning links to support and extend what we are learning in class this term.

Explore and enjoy!


Spellbound – Use this fun game to make your spellings even better.

Online Thesaurus – Use this to look for even better words to use.

Online Dictionary - Not sure of the meaning of a word? Look it up with this link.


Speech Marks - BBC Bitesize. A short video about using speech marks.

Prepositions - BBC Bitesize. A short video on using prepositions.

Adjectives - BBC Bitesize. A look at adjectives.

Adverbs - BBC Bitesize. A look at adverbs.

Expanded Noun Phrases - BBC Bitesize. 


Numbers to 1000 Game

Column Addition - Maths is Fun

Column Addition - BBC Bitesize


Rocks, Fossils and Soils – BBC Bitesize

Improve Your Knowledge - Explore all of science with Science for Kids.


Prehistoric Britain – BBC Bitesize. Find out all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age with BBC Bitesize.

The Stone Age - DK FindOut. Find out all about the Stone Age with DK FindOut.

Improve your Knowledge - Explore all of history with National Geo Kids.

Butser Ancient Farm – Have a look at all the cool pictures at Butser Ancient Farm, where we went on our trip.


Digital Dialects French Game