Barncroft Primary School Council 
 Congratulations to this year's school councillors. They have now been awarded with their special badges and are on a mission to make Barncroft the best it can be!

The school council are on a mission. They will be looking at how we can contribute to the wider community, and how we can reward responsible  members of our own school community. They have lots of ideas and are looking forward to a productive year! 

School Council - Latest News 

Our school council representatives went to meet the Major of Havant during the summer term. 

 School Councillors 2019 – 2020

 Yr 6 Kuma – Elita 

Yr 6 Gemini – John 

Yr 5 Beid – Megan 

Yr 5 Libra – Hope 

Yr 4 Aquarius – Ruby 

Yr 4 Procyon – Millie 

Yr 3 Vega – Amellia 

Yr 3 Polaris – Alexis 

Yr 2 Saturn – Jacob 

Yr 2 Mars – Bow 

Yr 1 Neptune – Darcie 

Yr 1 Jupiter – Alexia 

L2L Milky Way – Stanley