Barncroft’s Reading Challenge

At Barncroft we are determined to support the children to become fluent and enthusiastic readers. Therefore we are going to be running a Reading Challenge over the course of this year.

How it Works:

  • You read at home every evening with your child. You write a short comment into their ‘Home Link’ book. The children bring it back to school and place in the special box in the classroom.
  • Once a day an adult will go through the box. We check the ‘Home Link’ book and if there is a comment we tick to say we have seen it.
  • In the reading folder we have a list of names. When a child has read we tick next to their name. Every time they read they get a tick and a small reward. 
  • When they reach a multiple of 25 they will be presented with a certificate in celebration assembly.
    • 25 = Bronze award,
    • 50= Silver award,
    • 75 = Gold award 
    • 100 = Platinum award and a book.
  • On returning to the classroom they have their photo taken with their certificate which is then printed and displayed within the classroom.

This is recognised across the school and the child with receive praise from the Head Teacher and Deputy Head as recognition of their achievements.

The children get very excited about this and we hope you will take it on board and help your child to learn as well as they can. The saying ‘Practice makes perfect’ really sits true with reading.

If you have any questions feel free to ask a member of staff. We look forward to issuing lots of certificates!