Maths at Barncroft

 Early Years

In EYFS, maths is taught following the Numicon scheme of work. This programme allows children to access maths through drawing links to values and visual representation; recognising that a digit is representative of a value and that this value can be represented in many other different ways. It also encourages children to explore and embed terminology such as more or less than, fewer and greater than, bigger and smaller. Fluency is embedded further through use of the specifically designed MACs books. Similar to those used throughout the rest of the school, the three EYFS MACs booklets build up throughout the year, matching where possible the Numicon scheme of work carried out in class, in order for children to continue their learning at home. It is reflective of the language the children are exposed to at school, as well and encouraging number formation and mark making opportunities, ready for when they continue their learning journey into Year 1.

Whilst the rest of the school follow the Inspire scheme of work, EYFS use Numicon to embed the fundamental foundation stages of maths. As a school, we have found it to be successful as a lead into what the children will be expected to do as they progress through the school, and by the Summer Term, teachers are able to introduce Inspire concepts, based upon solid numerical understanding.

KS1 and KS2:

Inspire Maths is now fully embedded across the school, with all year groups from 1 to 6 following this scheme of work. We use a combination of text books, practice books and our own yellow learning journals to teach the scheme, which follows the Singapore model of maths teaching. Emphasis is placed upon the children being able to speak about their thinking, allowing us as a school to focus on reasoning, and how this could be applied to problem solving (within a variety of contexts.)

The Inspire texts book provide Barncroft with a model to hang learning on; it presents concepts through the concrete, pictorial, abstract. Children (or all ages and abilities) are encouraged to use a variety of resources to show help solve a problem or show their understanding; as either a tool to help or as an example to teach to another. It is through this, that we believe we are able to demonstrate mastery throughout the school. Children are increasingly more confident to explain their thinking and reason through a problem, which also contributes to their resilience.

Whilst the test books provide a coherent and reflective model (units are planned circularly so that all learning is revisited regularly in order to embed it), it comes down to the teacher’s planning and work evidence through our yellow leaning journals which enables teachers to develop learning further. Here, teachers are able to create further models and examples, specific to all learning groups, which can either unpick misconceptions, embed understanding, or push on our higher attainers. Questioning is key to the children’s understanding, and so key phrases such as ‘What do you notice…’ ‘Would this be most effective… ?’ ‘How might you check…’ are further task variations which teachers are encouraged to use within the classroom.

Maths meetings:

Inspire lessons are approx. 40 – 50 minutes long, which allow teachers to plan for Maths Meetings; 10 – 20 minute sessions, carried out daily which allow children to practise more specific elements of maths. They can range from times table practice, to specific pre-teaching and are used as an aid alongside normal maths lessons to help deepen understanding, or plug any gaps in knowledge.

Barncroft MAC Books (Maths Achievement Certificate)

All children from years 1 – 6 are given a MAC book. Whilst they are specific to objectives taught within each year group, they are also a tool used to aid those children who may be working at a different level in class, and to help in fluency and numerical recall. They are taken home and completed daily and are reflective of the language the children are exposed to in school. Each booklet is represented by a letter of BARNCROFT and the children are expected to complete a letter each term, with each letter having a Mastery partner; a second booklet which reflects the same mathematical skill, only now placed within a problem solving context. After a letter is completed, children have the opportunity to take a short, oral test of quick-fire questions based upon that learnt from their booklet, for the opportunity to move on to the next.

TT Rockstars:

In order to aid fluency and recall of times table facts, all children are given a TT Rockstars login. This online resource is a fun and exciting way for our children to access what can be the tedious job of learning times table facts by rote. Here, the children can race against the clock to complete a variety of times table and division problems, compete against their friends for rewards and complete times table homework set specifically for them by their class teacher. Whilst the children are encouraged to ‘play’ regularly at home, there is also a short session devoted to this practice within class, weekly.