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We have looked around and found these websites which you might find useful. Each link that you click will open the page in a new window so don't forget to close it when you have finished and before you click the next link. 

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Wellbeing Information

The Travel Planning Team at Hampshire County Council have been busy putting together some ideas for families to use at home during this period of lockdown and, in particular, how to put your daily exercise time to good use whilst focusing on your mental health. There are also more ideas for families to access at www.myjourneyhampshire.com/wellbeing and we will be adding to this page over the coming weeks so keep an eye out for more initiatives and ideas.

The My Journey website has lots of information about active travel which you are welcome to access, including curriculum resources linked to travel choices and their impact on the environment.

Children's Guide to Coronavirus

 Age appropriate resources to help explain coronavirus to younger children. 

Websites to support phonics and reading





Websites to support times tables

Top Marks - great for so many parts of your learning journey - choose the subject and your age

Teaching tables

 Websites to support maths

Arcademics - helps develop maths fluency skills

Maths is fun is packed full of maths information, games and ideas.
Helping with maths is a website with some maths resources. This page also leads to number online resources.
Math Playground has a wide range of simple, yet engaging maths practice games. (There are also some US money activities here.)
Maths Zone is a treasure house of links to maths activities.
Multiplication has some good interactive maths games.

Websites to support computing



Code Club

Hour of Code

Websites to General Learning

Edinburgh Zoo - live web cams.  Enjoy watching some of the amazing animals at different times to see them sleeping, playing, and one of their favourites… eating.

BBC Bitesize-  This covers both key stage 1 (KS1) and KS2 (KS2) for a wide range of subjects

Woodlands Primary School - This has fantastic interactive resources across a range of subjects.

The National Numeracy Website - lots of good resources and specific areas for parents who want to help their children.

The National Geographic lots of information on a whole host of subject areas including the environment, space, animals and even world music. A huge variety of photography is also available and would be great to help with projects and presentations. It’s the perfect resource for your kids if they are interested in all things science and want to learn more about the world that surrounds them.

NASA For Kids - Space buffs are sure to love the NASA for kids website. There is loads of information for children of all ages, with footage from Mars and the International Space Station to interviews with astronauts alongside all the latest news about the most recent space launches and developments. What’s even better is the large variety of games and craft activities younger children get to choose from.

Natural History Museum - Most major museums have children’s sections on their websites, and this one is definitely one of the most interactive ones out there. There are games and fact files linked with current exhibitions, which makes the information relevant and up-to-date. Alongside this children can virtually visit the museums via the ‘Antcam’ and ‘Flesh eating beetlecam’- cool or what? A brilliant educational resource!

Ducksters - lots of new things to explore
Fact Monster - fun facts to help with homework and projects
Encyclopedia Britannica
Top Marks  - great for so many parts of your learning journey - choose the subject and your age
Primary games is a site where you can try out and play some good maths games.

There are also some good maths activities on the BBC website. Well worth a look.

And for Spelling try Spelling City which is a website that will help you learn your own spellings and play games with them.