English At Barncroft

To develop the children’s writing skills, Barncroft follows the Hampshire's (our local authority) recommended teaching sequence: Stimulate and Generate; Capture, sift and sort; Create and Evaluate. This sequence enables children to develop their vocabulary and grammar in the early stages, which then allows them to produce increasingly well rounded, high quality texts. This, alongside regular opportunities for editing, ensures that  all children meet or exceed the Age Related Expectations of writing.

At Barncroft we utilise the following programs to support our high quality teaching of English:

  • Ruth Miskin's phonics cards
  • Letters and Sounds
  • No Nonsense Spelling and Grammar
  • PM Benchmarks (for accurate assessment of reading)
  • Reading Recovery and Fischer Family Trust (reading intervention)
  • Talk Boost (to develop speech and language)

English Resources
Our reading books are colour coded to allow children independence when selecting a text. We use a wide variety of texts including Oxford Reading Tree and Project X. At the early stages of reading, the reading books reflect the child’s phonic level and have words that a child will be able to build and read. As a child becomes more proficient, they are offered books that contain more challenging words, themes and conventions. We also offer children a wide range of heritage texts that they may select for Guided Reading or Homelink. 

We have a highly resourced library where children have access to a trained librarian every day. There are weekly class visits where children develop library skills and a love of reading.

Our English curriculum is enriched by the following throughout the year:

  • Author visits
  • World Book Day
  • Roadl Dahl Day
  • Shakespeare Week
  • Reading Breakfasts with parents
  • Promoting national writing competitions
  • School trips to libraries in the community
  • Travelling Book Fair
  • Summer Reading Challenge
  •  Everybody Write Day

If a child has difficulties with reading, writing or spelling they will be assessed to establish their exact difficulty and a programme will be provided to meet their need. Parents are involved in this process and we are very happy to show you how the different programmes work so your child can be supported at home.