Behaviour Expectations At Barncroft 

All children and stakeholders are expected to uphold the school’s six values which contribute to the success of our school vision and underpin both British and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values (SMSC):

1. Respect for physical safety

2. Respect for people’s feelings

3. Respect for the truth

4. Respect for each other

5. Respect for ourselves

6. Respect for the environment

We expect everyone to treat others with respect and kindness whether they are adults or children.  All staff and children are members of one of four houses. The children elect house captains, vice captains and prefects and these children then lead their house through their behaviour and profile around school. House points are awarded for great behaviour and the results are shared during whole school assembly.

Other rewards are earned through participating in the reading challenge, completing smiley face/star cards for Head teacher certificates and being the class star of the week. There are celebration assemblies for the lower and the upper school once a week and Head Teachers awards are also published in the newsletter.

To encourage the children to grow into mature citizens, the older children are able to apply for positions supporting the younger children. There are several roles such as reading buddy, lunchtime helper and coach. The children also participate in a School Council who meet regularly to look at ways of improving the school and the community.

All staff model excellent behaviour. Everyone is spoken to calmly. Movement around the school is ordered. Children are taught the importance of being ready for learning and are expected to keep themselves and their belongings in a presentable fashion.

Instances of poor behaviour are managed consistently using the Behaviour Policy. The policy can be viewed by clicking the link at the top of the page. The children move through five steps which are designed to support a change in behaviour. Parents are informed if children are placed in a parallel class to work or if they are sent to study in seclusion. The Governors have the right to exclude pupils should persistent misbehaviour occur. We work tirelessly to support parents and see a positive home/school relationship as vital. Our Home/School Link Worker and the Inclusion team are always available to discuss any concerns.