Your child’s attendance and education is important to us.

Attendance does affect your child’s progress. It is very hard for your child to catch up and maintain their standard of learning whilst constantly missing lessons!

1 day a week away from school equals 39 days a year or 7 weeks and 4 days! That is a whole half a term of their learning lost!

Equally, 15 minutes late every day equals one whole literacy or numeracy lesson lost every week!

School Day
Doors open at 8.45am and the school’s day starts at 8:55 a.m. This means that at this time, all the children need to be in class and ready to learn.

The school is required to monitor a child’s lateness. It is a legal requirement for children to arrive at school on time. Children who arrive after registration (8.55 a.m.) need to come to the school office to be signed in; they will be marked as late.  The close of the school register is at 9.15 a.m. Children who arrive after this time will be recorded as unauthorised.

If you know that your child is going to be late for registration please notify the school office on 02392 482331 or text on 07929 876027. Also notify the office of any morning medical or dental appointments that your child may have.

We run a very successful Breakfast Club at the cost of £2 per day. The Breakfast Club starts at 8 a.m. where we serve breakfast until 8.30 a.m. We have a varied menu and cater for all the children’s dietary needs. Once the children have eaten they are supervised on either the playground or in the hall.

If your child is unwell then please contact the school office or inform your child’s teacher before the start of the school day. If the illness continues would you please inform the office as to when you expect your child to return to school.

If your child is absent and you have not informed the office you will be telephoned to see why your child is not in school. We will always endeavour to support parents who find it difficult getting their children into school. If you are experiencing any difficulties then please do not hesitate to contact either the office or Miss Burgess our Home School Link Worker.

If you are not always certain if your child needs to stay home, please contact the school office and we can advise you as to whether your child can come into school or not e.g. if your child has conjunctivitis they can be in school.

Where possible always make your child’s doctors or dental appointments outside of school hours, should your child have an appointment during the school day then a copy of the appointment card is required.

Advice from the Department of Education:
“It is wholly appropriate for parents to keep their children away from school when they are not well enough to attend lessons; but it is equally inappropriate for parents to keep children away from school for trivial ailments, particularly ailments which would not keep parents away from work.
Where schools have concern, they can and should challenge the parents’ explanation and seek evidence of the illness”.

Term time holidays/ leave of absence:
The Governors no longer approve requests for holiday or leave of absence during the school term. Therefore, any holidays etc. will be recorded as unauthorised. In extremely exceptional circumstances absences may be granted at the discretion of the Head Teacher and Governors.

Advice given by The Department of Education:
“Schools must remember that they can only approve absence for family holidays if they consider that there are special reasons which warrant the holiday.

Holiday prices and the fact that parents have booked a holiday before checking with the school are not special reasons. Absence for a family holiday can result in pupils with poor attendance becoming persistent absentees.”

Further information regarding attendance can be found on the DfE website. A copy of the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 is available on the UK Statue Law Database.

Penalty Notice
Where a child has unauthorised absence the school must enforce Hampshire’s Code of Conduct for issuing Penalty Notices or follow its guidance on other Legal Measures for Non-Attendance. The Code of Conduct is a statutory document that ensures that powers for legal sanctions are applied consistently and fairly across all schools and their families within the authority. A copy is available from

The Hampshire Code of Conduct states that:
Schools or Hampshire Local Authority will issue a Penalty Notice for any unauthorised absence where the pupil has been:

  • absent for 10 or more half-day sessions (five school days) of unauthorised absence during any 100 possible school sessions – these do not need to be consecutive
  • persistently late (coded U) for up to 10 sessions (five days) after the register has closed
  • persistently late before the close of the register (coded L), but the school has met with parents and has clearly communicated that they will categorise as unauthorised any further lateness (code O), and where the threshold of 10 sessions (five days) has been met

unless the issuing of a Penalty Notice would conflict with other intervention strategies in place or other sanctions already being processed.

All the staff at Barncroft Primary are here to help you get your child into school; please approach your child’s teacher, contact the school office on 023 9248 2331 or book an appointment with either Mrs Wearn our Inclusions manager or Miss Burgess our Home School Link Worker for advice or support.