Welcome to Year 3 

Hello Year 3 Learners!

Here are some tips to help you make sure that Year 3 is a really successful year! Reading, spelling and times table practice remain high on the agenda. Regular practice can make a really big difference to your learning.

Times Tables

To get your Barncroft MACs, you need to know your times tables by heart. You need to learn the 2,5,10 times tables for the ‘R’ certificate, the 3 and 4 times tables for the ‘N’ certificate and the 6 and 8 times tables for the ‘C’ certificate.

The best way to learn your tables is to recite them as often as possible but AT LEAST once a day. There are also lots of good games and songs on the Internet which are fun to use (but do remember to ask an adult for permission first!). A good game for practising your times tables skills (as well as lots of other really useful maths facts) is Hit the Button and there are some good times tables songs on You Tube. Games and songs are a great way to sharpen your recall of vital number facts in a fun way - learning times tables need not be boring!

Follow this link for Hit the Button: Hit the Button

Games and songs are a great way to sharpen your recall of vital number facts in a fun way - learning times tables need not be boring!

Remember to ask an adult to sign your book to say that you have practised. 


We send home ten words for you to learn each week. We know that some of these spellings can be quite tricky but it is amazing what you can do with regular practice! The spellings we give you to learn are a mixture of words that come up quite a lot when we are writing and words which children often misspell. Please take a few minutes each day to work on them. You can learn your spellings using the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ method we have talked about in class and we have put some tips and suggestions in your homework book for some good ideas to help and hopefully make practising more enjoyable. We know that learning spellings patterns can make a big difference when you are writing. 

There are also some great spelling games on the Internet to practise your spelling generally. Some of you may have used the ICT Games website to practise your spelling in class and it is easy to access this at home.

Follow these links for help with Spelling and Grammar:

 ICT Games

Topmarks Spelling and Grammar

Follow these links for useful tips to help you with your writing:


Reading every day is VERY important. We know that lots of you are getting quite good at decoding the words you are reading but we would now like you to think a bit more about what you have read. Try talking to your grown up about the books that you share and what you have enjoyed (or not enjoyed) about them. Try reading different types of texts – you can read stories, non-fiction books or even newspapers or magazines. Don't forget that we also use Bug Club as part of our Home Reading, this is a good way to practise your reading online and hopefully it will be fun too! Follow this link to the website,Bug Club. If you are unsure how to log in, please ask your teacher.

We read for lots of different reasons and we all like different styles and themes. Variety is great! If you come across any words that you don’t know, ask a grown up what they mean or look them up in a dictionary. Sharing books will really help you grow as a super learner. 


Our Topic this half term is The Romans - "Lend me your ears...". Over the next five weeks, we will be exploring how life was in Ancient Rome. It would be wonderful if you were able to visit the local library: Leigh Park Library, Havant Library. We love to share books and any learning you have been able to do outside of school! There are also some useful links to support your learning about our topic at home:

BBC Bitesize - Romans

Ancient Rome Fun Facts

History for Kids


Scratch - https://scratch.mit.edu/

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker or iMovie

Email system such as Gmail

Video conferencing software - Skype, Google Hangouts or Janet video conferencing; FaceTime

Google Forms, Google Sheets and Google Slides/InspireData/Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word

Google Drive/web browser

If you find any other good sources of information, please do let us know. Remember, stay safe on the internet!

Keep up the good work!